Aint life a bitch

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Me and my tubsy,came all the way to tekong for me...must be really hard on her Posted by Picasa

Private YIP!!!! Posted by Picasa

Cougar platoon 2, so happens that my friends r gonna be in there soon hahaha,suckers Posted by Picasa

Check out my bed man,so comfy right Posted by Picasa

My home for the past 2 months Posted by Picasa

ME and my Section Posted by Picasa

Done with BMT

Ok i've not updated my blog for like 2 freaking months,i;m just too lazy la...u cant blame me cause Army boys only got 24 hrs plus to do their shit at home before they have to book in camp...well life in BMT has been great to say the least...i didnt expect army to be that fun,lame as it may sound but somehow i feel honoured to serve my a sense that i'm playing a part in making a place safe for my mum and dad to live in,a place save for my tubsy to sleep at night and a place safe enough for all my family and friends to carry on living.

I guess i was super anti army being that i hate regimental life, all the mindless marching and taking orders. But somehow it has open my mind to flexible thinking and the ability to do things faster without screwing up. Hmmm sounds lame but i hope i get into OCS,milk the army of all its damn money!!!getting back my parents taxes hahaha.

Ok erm i;m just gonna like upload some pics of my army days,so u guys get to see me bald ...ya i know some people r dying to see me that way cause they get to laff their asses off...but screw u man!crew cut is the in thing now,even brad pitt spots one!ok i;m no brad pitt but i don;t give a shit!hahaha...ok halla back

Friday, July 22, 2005

Finally i'm back,for one DAY!

Holly molly,i'm finally home after 2 weeks in tekong. Thank god i dont smell lik most of the guys there,they should learn how to wash their clothes for god sake!maybe home econs in secondary sch should have 1 semester dedicated to clothes washing without using a washing machine.

Actually life is pretty good there,get to learn new stuff and well get to improve my pathetic stamina. Though i havent got to know alot of people yet,i'll try to make new friends. Hey i'm an introvert and a shy person k. Lack of sleep and lack of time to even shit is pissing me off man,but well this is army not a damn chalet so no choice. Not to mention BMT has lots of blur fuckers. Cant stand those idiots,its because of them they the words "TERKAN" is invented. Its because of them they "KNOCK IT DOWN" is also invented. Man if only they hve less of such people and more bright people. AND guess what,the blur asses r the people with straight A's. SO all u smart asses watch out,if u ever go into army,your gonna get wacked by people like me!

Ok sorry abt the lack of time to do more post,well the reason is obvious. To baby,shhhhhhhssss quiet,its a secret. An alvin i hope your trainin gets more tough in Civil cause its unfair u get to enjoy while yur good buddy me is suffering,alex hope u get more jobs n stop being an asshole. TO the freak i know its boring!so help me out here!to others who read this blog,man u got patience to even start reading a line,its ultimately boring man haha...ok gotta go pack my bag,shit i cant squeeze in all my stuff. Holla back

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Last Day

The biggest sigh i will ever post on my blog,fucking gonna cry now man! Can't believe i'm gonna go into army tomorrow,fucking sad case. But its ok, its part of life and im just gonna accept it. Lets all hope i don't die inside,pray for my safety! ok so i won't be able to update my blog for the next 2 weeks,BMT is such,what can i do. To all those that visit,thanks a mil. I didnt expected people to even show up at my blog lolz. Promise i'll be back 2 weeks later with more shit to write,mostly bitchin abt army i suppose

ok this section is dedicated to all the people who wanna see me bald. Ya'll can wait a million years and you'll never get to see it!!ok for those who r lucky enough to go to Lilian's birthday party,i'll be the joke of the day k,so count you lucky stars that i'm gonna be there.And if your kind,i might just take a pic and send to ya lolz. Ok God bless to all my friends out there,take care of yourselve and don't party to hard. I'll be back. Holla

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Doesnt't look like japan aint it. Seems like some european country or shit lik that Posted by Picasa

Got forced to wear this freakin robe cause i gotta go into the hot spring,NAKED!most embarrasing moment of my trip. And mind you its abt 8 fucking degrees outside Posted by Picasa

My fam and me outside the imperial palace Posted by Picasa

Cheery blosoms,Thank God they were still in season when we got there Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


i cant fucking load pics!
whats wrong!
is it me or the damn server cause whenever i upload them,a blank screen always appears though thr status is shown as done on the bottom of the page

Japan Trip

Hello,for all those who didn't know. I had like a lil family trip to Japan before i went to HK. Didnt went to many places,just Hokkaido and Tokyo. Hokkaido was a blast though,the food there is great,weather is great,snacks are great and you can't believe how sweet the water is there. NO SHIT!its true,thats why the milk there is freaking tasty too. SO milk lovers,fly there and you'll never regret it. European chocolate aint shit compared to Hokkaido. Not forgetting rockmelon kitkat,fuckin A man!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Fishing day

Finally got to meet with my circle of dumbasses. Been like a month plus since i last saw them,graduation really does draw people closer,weird ehz. Anyway my condolence to caleb for not being able to join us today,that poor basturd is caught up in camp. God bless and good luck in losing weight,bet you look retarded with a bald head hahahaha. Even if your out, i doubt may will cut some slack and let you hang, sigh what a tragic asshole.

Anyway back to the fishing trip. Our dear Neo manage to convince us to give punggol another shot, this time we'll be going to punggol jetty. I felt really gulity for abandoning baby to go fishing,sigh make it up to you on wed!promise!All in all i took like 5 fucking buses to get to the jetty,thank God it only cost me 2 bucks in all. I personally thing MP3 players are one of the greatest invention brought abt by man kind, without it long bus rides will be a total bitch, not that it isnt bad enough already. However i kinda feel that my earphones are making me death, or is it just me hallucinating hmmmmm....

For the first time, Ah Yong caught a fish!!!guess what,it isnt a cat fish!something edible i guess...lots like a pomfret but not quite,dont know what the fuck it is...Actually its the first time he caught a fish when i'm around haha,i swear i'm the jinx in the group. Fucking generate like noises worthy of a rock concert. But hey, i was quiet this time!ALright gonna get the pics up soon,right after Queen Neo develops them,so do it quick!

Gonna play warcraft now,kinda addicted to it,wicked game to play with friends. I know i;m slow but fuck al lof u who think so!haha...And yeah Happy Birthday Yong!Fucking twenty so grow up!Holla back

Saturday, July 02, 2005

6 more days

Thank you alvin,its about fucking time you send me those pics. But i shant be ungrateful and hit at ya all the time so thanks bud. Alright i've some other pics up in my own cam,just trying to locate the damn usb cable to upload the vids and pics onto my com. Can't believe i'm back,air really does smell pretty good here.

Yesterday night was the first time i've stepped into Zouk for like erm 4 months?Got my new card and went to find dear alvin in phuture right after that. OO yeah and its the first time i actually manage to dance wit baby lolz....ZOuk was well alright,though in pale comparision to Volar and Dragon-i, i can'e help but feel a sense of nostelgia when i got there. Though kiddish in crowd and lousy in music,still feels much cozier than HK. Maybe cause there are too many caucasians over there and its like being in States or something. OOO ya and thank you kenneth for like changing the location of the tag board

Big shout to rebec for posting the first damn comment on my board!wooooo!